A 150 Year Legacy

Why Choose Illinois

The University of Illinois is charged by our state to enhance the lives of our citizens—across the nation and around the world—through our leadership in learning, discovery, engagement and economic development. Advancement provides the resources and support that are critical to realizing this mission.

Work-Life Balance

I came to Illinois from a large non-profit organization with a very demanding schedule, but very rewarding work. What I enjoy about working in advancement at Illinois is that I am able to fundraise for an excellent mission and feel satisfaction from the work I am doing as well as have a much better work life balance for my family.”

Career Progress

Illinois is a fantastic place to work because it fosters collaboration, encourages personal and professional growth, provides opportunities for career advancement, all while being a national/global leader in teaching, research and public engagement.”

Meaningful Work

It’s great to see everyone working to answer one question … how can I make the University of Illinois something everyone wants to be a part of? As Advancement professionals, that seems to be what everything comes down to for me. Whether we’re matching a donor’s intent to a purpose, facilitating a student receiving a scholarship, planning an event, or just connecting alumni with each other or the school … it all comes back to that question. That makes this work very fulfilling to me.”

Transforming Lives

The most meaningful days in my position are those on which I am able to witness the interaction of a donor and the individuals or groups they have impacted with their philanthropy. This is when I see the true impact of what I do on a daily basis.”

Inspiring Leadership

Having a boss who will let you spread your wings, put you in a position where you can thrive and grow, and then allowing you to take risks is huge. My supervisor remains consistently encouraging, positive, she is a team player and she always has our back. I could not ask for a better cheerleader and boss.”

Supportive Community

Working here is like being a part of a family. Our alumni are faithful, friendly and proud of their College. They help in the most generous ways. They welcome us into their kitchens, into their lives and help whenever they can. I attribute that to the caring nature of those we work with, and the ownership we are given of our departments for which we fundraise. We are not micromanaged but rather supported in the best of ways. New ideas are embraced, initiative encouraged and collegiality fostered.”


What I value most as an employee in Advancement at Illinois is the collaborative and collegial relationships collectively representing one of the great institutions in higher education; an institution which now aspires to be the pre-eminent public research university with global impact! It is both empowering and humbling to be part of this grand vision!”