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With Illinois, the College of Education envisions a future in which productive schools exist for everyone regardless of race or income, increasingly outstanding teachers inspire and empower students of all ages, and new technology and teaching methods transform learning. We are tasked to understand the world, solve problems, and design solutions that improve opportunities for all. We know that there is strength in diversity and we see it reflected in the beliefs and makeup of our student body and faculty. Our graduates are leaders in every area of education, from elementary schools to universities to national policy making. College faculty members are leaders in the areas of curriculum and instruction; education policy, organization, and leadership; educational psychology; and special education. As we build upon our history of developing knowledge, propelling bright minds, and influencing policy to address the most pressing concerns we face, we know we can tackle whatever challenges the future holds. With Illinois, we provide worldwide opportunity through excellence. With Illinois, we can redefine the way higher education can change Illinois and the world for the better. Together, we can shape the next generation of education leaders.


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