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The College of Fine and Applied Arts is reimagining the way we see our changing world through art and design. Environmental arts can bring us better ways to live together; performing arts offer an expression, interpretation, and a deeper understanding of what it means to be human; and the visual arts give us new ways to communicate, develop and improve products, and see our world. Our three unique arts venues serve as vital centers of culture, performance, exhibition, and public engagement. We know our future depends on daring to bring art to new places, and that design is a common thread connecting our disciplines with one another, the campus, and beyond. We know we must explore and experiment with creativity in ways we have never done before. And we know we have the tools and people to make it happen. We give our students the ability to “live their careers” before their careers begin, and they leave us with minds piqued to make the next creative breakthroughs that will delight, inspire, and capture the attention of the world. We create leaders and explorers. We are problem solvers and builders of bright futures. We develop daring new ideas and a new generation to build upon them. With Illinois, we dream big—then we make it happen.


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