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The College of Liberal Arts & Sciences (LAS) is at the center of the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Nearly all students on campus take an LAS course during their time here, and we teach half of all undergraduate credit hours on campus. We believe in the power of ideas and know that an education in liberal arts and sciences develops well-rounded, highly prepared graduates who can take on the future with confidence. Our students are among the nation’s brightest, and our faculty expertise ranges from measuring the expansion of the universe to writing award winning poetry. We are making breakthrough discoveries and building new knowledge in both the sciences and the humanities. We are unlocking the barriers to income inequality, understanding the history and impact of U.S. prisons, unraveling the complexities of Parkinson’s disease, finding better ways to develop biofuels, working to control the spread of the Zika virus, and discovering how children learn decision-making and leadership. With Illinois, we imagine a future in which the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences inspires and empowers new generations to reach their highest potential. Where students and faculty are equipped and ready to take on the challenges our world faces. Together, we can redefine the way a liberal arts and sciences education can create a stronger Illinois.


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