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Triggered by changes in our global economy, the demand for legal services has shifted and the market is requiring that newly minted lawyers are practice ready, possessing skills not traditionally taught in law schools. At the University of Illinois College of Law, we educate and prepare our students for the practice of law from their very first days on campus, through both rigorous classroom instruction and in-depth practical experiences. The Chicago Program, our Fundamentals in Legal Practice course, and our growing list of clinical offerings are bringing the practice into the classroom, and vice versa. Our faculty bring a unique combination of significant practice experience and strong interdisciplinary research credentials, including empirical studies of law and advanced theory, all aligned for propelling bright minds. We produce ethical, public-service minded lawyers, and upon graduation, our students are practice-ready and positioned to be leaders in their chosen fields. Most important, when they leave our campus, they have a foundation of ethics and professionalism that is instilled in them throughout their Illinois Law experience.

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