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The modern workplace has evolved dramatically in the last 70 years, and the School of Labor and Employment Relations has led and responded to these challenges by trainings students, enabling faculty scholarship, and engaging talented alumni. With Illinois, we incorporate numerous perspectives to see the full employment experience, and we are transforming the global workforce by leveraging our real-world connections to drive timely new coursework in our curriculum. Our students learn from faculty who are leaders in HR management, industrial labor studies, labor economics, employment law, and international and cross-cultural studies. Our history of leadership in employment relations and our ability to shape graduates who bring that specialized knowledge and excellence to the workplace from day one is how our school makes its mark on the world. The accomplishments of our alumni have had a remarkable impact in Illinois and beyond. To exceed the needs of a complex and dynamic workplace, we are poised to expand our learning spaces, recruit more top faculty, provide support for a larger student body, and enhance our legendary curriculum. With Illinois, we can redefine the way an institution of higher education can change Illinois and the world for the better. With your help, we will shape the next generation of leaders.


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