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The University Library at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign amplifies the impact Illinois has on the world. Our library fuels the dreamers; gives hope and knowledge to the intellectually hungry; and stokes the inquiry that made our University what it is today. We serve as the “scholarly commons” to the campus and the community as well as the platform for the University as it takes on finding solutions to the world’s challenges. Those who use the library are empowered by its world-renowned virtual and physical collections and an environment infused with technology and innovation. Our librarians are key partners in the scholarship of faculty and students. They are area experts on a vast range of fields and their role in the curation of information and dissemination of faculty research truly amplifies the impact of the University on the world. The University Library is our most precious resource and an institution we should all take pride in, fight to preserve, and prepare for the future. In an age of new technology within a rapidly-changing global world, we must take new measures to advance the impact of the traditional library as it enters a new century. Only a library with our size, innovation, and expertise is prepared to take on the information challenges our next century will present. With Illinois, and your help, we are equipped to take these challenges and succeed.


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