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The College of Veterinary Medicine has the knowledge and determination to improve the health of people and animals on this planet. Our faculty’s expertise spans life forms and tackles problems such as infertility, infectious disease, cancer, and genetic factors in health and disease. More than 20,000 animal patients receive advanced diagnostics and treatment at our facilities each year, and thousands more benefit from our outreach programs. Through clinical discoveries shared with veterinary professionals around the world, our work touches millions of animal lives.

Students at the College of Veterinary Medicine have opportunities for immersion in research projects, international study, and concomitant PhD and master’s in public health degrees, in addition to a hands-on curriculum and 24/7 access to the nation’s most comprehensive facility containing large and small animal models and a communications skills center. With Illinois, we are committed to generating world-changing health discoveries, delivering superior and compassionate care to animal patients, and equipping the next generation of veterinary scientists to meet the health challenges of the future.


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