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SHIELD Illinois Fund

Your gift of $300 in support of SHIELD Target, Test and Tell provides a semester’s worth of testing for one member of our Illinois family. The SHIELD initiative is a cutting-edge program pioneered by Illinois researchers to create frequent, inexpensive, and rapid testing, privacy-centered exposure notifications, and test result communications in coordination with the Champaign-Urbana Public Health Department to limit the spread of COVID-19. The name, SHIELD, reflects our commitment to shield the campus community from COVID-19. Our saliva-based test and SHIELD platform has now been the subject of national media coverage, and has received consistent accolades for its accuracy, ease of use, low cost, and its support through cutting edge modelling and epidemiology as well as timely communication of exposure risks. Gifts to the SHIELD Fund help keep Illinois students, faculty, staff, and community members safe through SHIELD’s comprehensive platform, including saliva testing that is easy to administer, scalable, and sensitive, with quicker results and more economical than current alternatives such as nasal swabs. Students and faculty/staff who are on-campus are required to test regularly to ensure the safest environment possible.

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