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Campaign Priority A University at the Heart of Illinois

With Passion

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wherever you are, illinois is never far away

A deeply felt energy sustains these 9.9 square miles of fertile land ripe for endless discovery, innovation, and continuous excellence.

Twenty students comprised the first graduating class of what was then called the Illinois Industrial University. Over the last century and a half, those twenty were joined by hundreds of thousands of Illini, each one contributing to our character and spirit.

Our students, our faculty—even the buildings that define our campus—are at the core of what makes Illinois special.

We feel alive when cheering on the Fighting Illini or posing with Alma Mater, researching in the fields or digging deep in the library stacks. Students come to campus from nearly every county in the state. After graduation, they bring their expertise in business, health care, education, and technology back to communities across Illinois. Together, we’ve made this university a dynamic hub of economic and intellectual activity in the state of Illinois.

While the experience is different for every person who passes through our campus, the ethos of Illinois endures. The passion and the curiosity. The courage and ambition. The knowledge that the heart of Illinois lives within each of us.

Our campus has even more space in which to welcome you home

The newly constructed Siebel Center for Design

The newly constructed Siebel Center for Design

Our campus has grown substantially during the With Illinois Campaign. With the help of donors we have added beautiful new buildings, state-of-the-art classroom space, game-changing new athletic facilities, and more.

Within the brick and mortar, these facilities provide more than just space. They facilitate collaborative work, with impact that extends way beyond campus to people across the state and the world. The Kavita and Lalit Bahl Smart Bridge, for example, collects real-time data that inform the design of safe and sustainable structures. The Doris Christopher Illinois Extension Center will pull together the resources of Extension offices around the state to deliver better programs and support for our communities. And our myriad new athletic facilities have transformed our athletic campus, launching an exciting new era for our student-athletes.

A culture of excellence depends, in part, on an excellent infrastructure. Thanks to our donors, our campus continues to be a gorgeous backdrop to our important and impactful work.

  • $368+ millionraised for capital projects, transforming and expanding our campus and athletic facilities

  • 449,000+ sq. ft.added to the campus footprint through new buildings and spaces

  • $189+ millionin support of scholarships and programming benefiting our student-athletes, coaches, and staff

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