Fund List

11330007 UIUC Chancellor's Fund
11336768 University of Illinois Student Food Pantry Support Fund
11342186 Illinois Commitment Scholarship Fund
11336761 Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Support Fund
11335859 Illinois CARES: COVID-19 Emergency Support Fund
11336783 University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign SHIELD Fund
11335710 Emergency Dean Fund for Current Use
11335855 University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Health Sciences Priority Fund
11342680 Carle Illinois College of Medicine Innovation Fund
11332101 Illinois International Annual Fund
11331606 UIUC Faculty and Staff Emergency Fund
11776346 Grainger Engineering Priority Fund
11338962 Cancer Center at Illinois Unrestricted Fund
11332489 KAM Annual Fund
11334621 Spurlock Museum General
11331284 Humanities Research Institute Fund
11776087 Hoeft Technology and Management Program Quasi Endowment Fund
11331221 U of I Extension Annual Fund
11336479 Student Sustainability Farm Support Fund
11341638 Institute for Sustainability, Energy and Environment Program Support Fund
11336128 Prairie Research Institute Support Fund
11333820 School of Social Work Annual Fund
11333540 Disability Resources and Educational Services Annual Fund
11336839 Illinois Scholars Program Support Fund